Roberto A. Fernandez Borda

UMBC Research Faculty Excellence Award

Roberto A. Fernandez Borda, Senior Research Engineer, Goddard Earth Sciences Technology and Research II (GESTAR II)

Roberto Fernandez Borda joined UMBC in 2006, specializing in researching and designing novel instrumental applications for remote sensing and addressing complex problems using fundamental physics principles. He employs analytical mathematical methods and computational simulations in his work. One of Dr. Borda’s significant accomplishments is the development of a comprehensive computational model for characterizing the response of optical systems to polarized and partially polarized light. Dr. Borda serves as the lead optical designer of the HARP polarimeter family (HARP2 is currently in space in NASA’s PACE mission) and also leads the design of the FPGA firmware controlling the custom acquisition of the polarimeters. His adeptness at bridging the gap between engineers and scientists greatly facilitates the achievement of scientific goals within his projects. Dr. Borda provides invaluable mentorship to UMBC students, enabling interns under his guidance to launch successful careers in organizations such as NASA, NSA, and the private sector. He earned his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Buenos Aires.