2022 – 2023 Teresa Lupinek Endowment Award

Elle Trusz, Business Manager, Center for Social Science Scholarship

Elle Trusz is known as a quick learner, creative problem solver, and great collaborator. She takes the lead on new projects and initiatives, often before anyone realizes there is a need. Trusz played a key role in the Center for Social Science Scholarship’s (CS3) transition to online work and greatly streamlined its process for external funding. She is an excellent supervisor and mentor for new employees in CS3 and across UMBC. Trusz is professional, personable, and a true team player who goes above and beyond her stated duties. An active citizen of CAHSS and UMBC, she serves on boards and committees working to build an equitable and inclusive campus community. Trusz earned her B.S. in women’s studies from Pennsylvania State University, and is working toward an M.P.S in community leadership at UMBC.