2017-2018 Karen L. Wensch Endowment Award for Outstanding Non-exempt Staff

Victor Fulda, Lab Technician, Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering

For more than 20 years, Victor Fulda has worked tirelessly to support Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering (CBEE) and other departments across campus with his technical expertise and knowledge of specialized lab equipment. He has consistently gone above and beyond the expectations of faculty, staff, and students in support of education and research.

As a lab technician for CBEE, Fulda built and prepared many research labs for faculty across the College, often under extremely tight deadlines. His creative approach to lab design, coupled with a deep understanding of equipment and fabrication, has saved departments across campus thousands of dollars. Fulda has used his industrial experience and technical prowess to build or repair critical lab equipment, which has dramatically reduced downtime when relocating existing labs or setting up new ones. Additionally, his quick-thinking and resourcefulness has proven invaluable in responding to many unforeseen circumstances, ensuring research samples are not damaged or lost. In 2016, he served as a principal investigator on a COEIT Strategic Implementation Grant to upgrade laboratory infrastructure to more safely handle potentially infectious tissue cultures.

Fulda is also viewed by many as a mentor, colleague, and teacher, dedicated to providing the best educational and research experience for students. On many occasions, he has trained teaching assistants, advised students in design projects involving the construction of technical experimental equipment, and even carried out emergency repairs on equipment during class.

He received his B.S. from Towson University.