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2019 University System of Maryland Board of Regents’ Staff Award for Effectiveness and Efficiency

Celso Guitian, Campus Planner, Facilities Management 

As UMBC’s Campus Planner, Celso Guitian plays a  pivotal role in improving access for individuals with disabilities, advancing UMBC’s strategic plan, creating a long-range plan for campus growth, and promoting sustainable practices. HIs leadership and vision across two major projects—UMBC’s 2018 Facilities Master Plan and Access Maryland program—have saved the University nearly $2.5 million in operating costs. He embraces UMBC’s collaborative culture and enjoys engaging faculty, staff, and students to develop creative solutions for the campus’s physical development.

Upon joining UMBC in 2009, Guitian hit the ground running, making significant contributions to the campus’ 2009 Facilities Master Plan. He led the effort on UMBC’s 2018 Facilities Master Plan, leveraging his extensive experience as an architect to do the work in-house and displaying his creativity in every aspect of the project. As a result of Guitian’s innovative proposal and willingness to spearhead this massive undertaking, UMBC saved $500,000 that would have otherwise been spent on external consultants. The USM Board of Regents approved the plan, noting it was a cut above the rest. Guitian’s leadership, creativity, and commitment to excellence were critical to enabling UMBC to complete this project in-house and to creating such a high quality product.

Guitian also serves as UMBC’s Access Maryland program coordinator, a role that meshes seamlessly with his work on long-range campus planning and efforts to promote sustainable practices. He uses his skills as an architect, urban planner, and grant proposal writer to help ensure that UMBC facilities are accessible to all students, faculty, staff, and visitors. As a result of his commitment to accessibility for all, UMBC has been awarded nearly $2 million for much needed improvements to signs, ramps, and restrooms. Guitaian’s ingenuity and determination to secure grant funding for these projects enabled UMBC to undertake these important accessibility improvements without using our operating budget.

In addition to his work as Campus Planner, Guitian engages with the campus community as a member of UMBC’s Classroom Committee, developing and advocating for Facilities Management’s classroom and lecture hall renewal plans. As a member of the Title IX Board of Review, he works on a panel of faculty and staff volunteers that reviews the findings for all cases brought before the University on Title IX-based matters.

Guitian holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Maryland, College Park, and a master’s degree in urban planning from the City College of New York. He is a registered architect in the state of Maryland.