Fritzie Charne-Merriwether

2024 Presidential Distinguished Professional Staff
Fritzie Charne-Merriwether, Acting Associate Vice President for Student Engagement and Diversity, and Director of Parent and Family Engagement 

Fritzie Charne-Merriwether is known for her tireless dedication, exceptional leadership, and invaluable service. Her commitment to UMBC students and the campus community is apparent by her instrumental role in helping establish the Retriever Essentials program and the Stay Black and Gold Emergency Fund. Her student support and engagement efforts do not stop there. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Fritzie spearheaded the equitable distribution of millions of dollars of emergency assistance to UMBC students through the CARES Act Funding. She has also worked to include UMBC families in the campus community by establishing the Family Advisory Board (FAB) as well as the UMBC Family Connection Portal, which have both been pivotal in increasing family involvement and communication. Fritzie received a B.A. in psychology from Roger Williams University and a master’s in education from the University of Vermont.