Collier Jones ’16

2023 – 2024 Jakubik Family Endowment Staff Award

Collier Jones ’16, Campus Portal Architect, Division of Information Technology

B. Collier Jones has been a transformative force at UMBC since joining in 2006, using his passion for technology and design to enhance myUMBC and other initiatives with an attitude described as “distinctly and unapologetically student-oriented.” With his team, Collier developed the Profile, a tool that consolidates student information onto a single screen. This includes the “degree donut,” a visual tool showing degree progress, and the “registration guide,” which personalizes advising by integrating individual student data. He also introduced features to facilitate promotion and engagement for departments and student organizations, targeted institutional communications, event attendance tracking, and profile sharing for parents. Collier earned a bachelor’s degree in information systems from UMBC in 2016.